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Corona virus update

Rozell’s Ministorage is currently renting units.  We ask that you do not come to rent if you are feeling sick, running a fever, etc.  Stay home and do not infect others.  Call us first  at 405 258  1265 to check onn what sizes we have open.  If no answer call 405 240  6338 to be sure we have the size you need and when we can meet you.  Give us your information so we can get the contract ready.  We will tell you where you can get the contract and make your first payment.

Monthly payments can be dropped in the lock box and we will mail you a receipt if you do not want contact.

Countryside Auction

Follow current CDC guidelines please.

With the increase in cases I was surprised that we weren’t back in restriction last Sat.  But if people will comply with the guidelines and I see more doing it we will not have to go back on restrictions.  I tried to wear my mask but several couldn’t hear me well enough that I had to remove it.  Sorry.  Hopefully we will once again be having less cases by July 11

This stuff is very serious for those with compromised health.  You may feel you are ok but maybe the guy standing beside or setting in front of you has serious health issues.  Please think of others.

Continue to check back and see if there are any restrictions.

Please do not come to the sale if you feel sick or have a fever.

Please do not come to the sale if you have been exposed in the last 2 weeks or if you have been advised someone you know has come down with Covid or someplace you have been had a confirmed case in the past few days.

Please protect the other guy.  You know where you have been, they don’t.   Please wear a mask.  Wearing a mask shows you care about others as well as yourself.  You do not know how vulnerable the person  next to you could be. 

Please wash hands and use a sanitizer.

Please use social distancing.

Sellers- Please drop off animals for the sale and let us mail you your check.

Buyers-   We prefer only 1, max 2 from a family attend the sale as a buyer.  We need to limit the no of people in the arena for the livestock sale.

This last sale June 27 we were well under compliance.  I don’t know if people were gone already for the 4th of July celebrations or just being cautious.  Had quite a few new people registered tho.  But again once people bought what they wanted they checked out, loaded out and left.  We thank you for helping us keep operating to serve you.

Office changes during consignment sale:  Arrive early enough to get your buyers no. before that sale starts.  You can get your buyer no for the livestock sale after the consignment sale is over. The office will be closed during the consignment sale to allow us to enter the tickets without interruption. We will reopen it within 15 min. after that sale is over.  This is so we can concentrate on speedy entry to be able to clerk out the consignment sale efficiently and quickly and  allow those people to leave before the livestock crowd comes in.

Do not crowd the Auctioneer or clerk at the consignment sale.

The Countryside Auction Barn plans to go forward with the Auctions.  We are an essential business but the Sheriff can close us if too many people.  It’s is a fluid situation and it’s day by day.  Keep watching our page or Facebook for any changes.

We apologize if this causes you an inconvenience, but in order to have the sale, we must make these adjustments


Josh   405 258  6448

Wayne 405  615  7065

Cheryl 405  990  4649

Phone service is not the best.  Call back if no answer or if we do not return your missed call shortly.  We have had messages show up a day later.

Thank you!!!  This is a fluid situation.  Check back for any updates as they arise.

Rozell Small Engines is NOT doing repairs.  We have a few tools and parts to sell but are basically closing not because of the virus as we are considered essential but because we have retired from that business.



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