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Corona virus update

Countryside Auction PLEASE Follow current CDC guidelines please.

Currently most restrictions have been lifted---till next variant arrives.

Please do not come to the sale if you have tested positive and not had a neg test since or has not been 15 days without symptoms.  We have people on staff that have medical issues and also have people who come to the sale that have health issues.  Please don’t expose them. 

  Say a prayer for the Dr., Nurses, technicians, EMT’s and all workers in our hospitals who have struggled thru this pandemic  and for all those now in the hospital  with this new variant.  Our Dr’s and Nurses are stressed to the limit.  They need a break and while most Dr and Nurses put in everything they have I believe management demands  more and it’s breaking our health care system.

While I’m ranting let me add a couple issues!

My Dr just recently wanted me to see a specialist.  First available apt NOV 3rd-- it was June 21 when this happened.

I also need a surgeon to remove some more tissue from my toe.  Having trouble finding a surgeon.  They dont want to do toes.

Another issue  someone I know went to OHH - south thinking she was having a heart attack.  OHH kept her all day deciding she needed gall bladder surgery but they don’t do that so they tried to move her to another hospital close and ended up with OU Edmond- closest hospital with availability.  They kept her for 4 hrs then transfered her because they don’t take their insurance(4hr to figure this out). Integris Edmond took all the next day doing test to be sure that was what she needed.  I can see that with todays insurance issues and red tape. Surgery scheduled for 4 Pm and was actually started about 5:15. But she told me today the Dr said one more day and she’t probably been dead.  Hospitals are too big, micromanaged, and tied by regulations that they can’t do their job in a timely manner.  My Dr’s and nurses have been wonderful but it’s the rest of the system that is failing us. JUST MY OPINION.

Another opinion!  Quit trying to fix climate change.  Yes our climate has changed but look at our sun.  It’s end of July and it’s setting in NW.  It should be setting in the SW.  We can’t put the earth back on the axis it once was but we seem to be able to help all our cronies get rich by some scheme to fix climate change. We are hotter here this summer but S America is colder than normal.  Mean while lets hope we don’t have to sacrifice stock because we don’t have pasture and can’t afford grain to feed to keep them.  Food is going to get scarce and our leaders still want to line their pockets instead of addressing real issues.  (We know where food comes from but most of Congress thinks it comes from the grocery store!)  But lets hope we don’t get to the point where it’s sell even tho our stock isn’t the best but the option is to sell or go deeper in debt to try to buy feed and fatten them.  That becomes a no win situation.  It’s perplexing.  My suggestion GO VOTE!



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