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Corona virus update

Rozell’s Ministorage is currently renting units.  We ask that you do not come to rent if you are feeling sick, running a fever, etc.  Stay home and do not infect others.  Call us first  at 405 258  1265 to check on what sizes we have open.  If no answer call 405 240  6338 to be sure we have the size you need and when we can meet you.  Give us your information so we can get the contract ready.  We will tell you where you can get the contract and make your first payment.

Monthly payments can be dropped in the lock box and we will mail you a receipt if you do not want contact.

Countryside Auction

Follow current CDC guidelines please.

This stuff is very serious for those with compromised health.  You may feel you are ok but maybe the guy standing beside or setting in front of you has serious health issues.  Please think of others.

Continue to check back and see if there are any restrictions.  Please feel free to wear a mask.   

Please do not come to the sale if you feel sick or have a fever.

Please do not come to the sale if you have been exposed in the last 2 weeks or if you have been advised someone you know has come down with Covid or someplace you have been had a confirmed case in the past few days.

Please Do Not come to the sale if you have been diagnosed as having Covid in the last 21 days and have not had a negative test since.

Please protect the other guy.  You know where you have been, they don’t. 

Please wash hands and use a sanitizer.

Please use social distancing.

Do not crowd the Auctioneer or clerk at the consignment sale

We apologize if this causes you an inconvenience, but in order to have the sale, we must make these adjustments


Wayne 405  615  7065- his cell is squirrelly- been changing to do not disturb without him doing anything.

Josh   405 258  6448

Phone service is not the best.  Call back if no answer or if we do not return your missed call shortly.  We have had messages show up a day later.

Thank you!!!  Check back for any updates as they arise.

My editorial on this mess!   My question is- why is it only Republicans in Wash DC who are reported getting the virus?  Or is the Media only telling about them so it can make it sound like they are spreading it?  What are they using on the people who recover?  Why isn’t that publicized?  Why is it Trumps responsibility to protect the whole U.S.  It is very diverse.  Isn’t it better to let the locals decide what they need.  OKC and Tulsa are very different from rural OK.  Should not the mayors or businesses make their own policies.  His advisors don’t seem to know and they are medical experts or supposed to be.  They now say they are not sure it’s all airborn transmission- if they can’t figure it out how almost a year later how is the average person supposed to figure it out.  And if Biden knows how to stop it why doesn’t he tell someone so they can stop the loss of lives- he can’t.   If they can’t figure it out how can anyone be expected to.   How can there be so much controversial  information. 

Can you even trust your Dr any more?  Is there certain people they can prescribe certain meds to and others they can’t.  If so what is the criteria?

 Why do we let these rioters take over our cities and destroy them?  That is not a peaceful protest. Why can’t people protect their own property from terrorizers.

Who would have ever thought our kids would not be educated in a classroom.  This is definitely a way to keep them uneducated.  The better students will find a way, the poorer students will slide by.  Sad

Be very wary of your Govenment.  When they say we are here to help watch out.

I thought the news media was to bring us the news not editorialize what their agenda is?

Why does the unemployed get $600 a week when people on SS live on $800 a month or less?

Why can a prominent Congressman have a big funeral when we cannot have one for our loved one or even open the churches but we can open the bars.  The devil is scamming us.

We need term limits on Congress!  My thinking the side that yells the loudest about what the other side is doing is usually the side that is doing it.  It may be disappointing when your dead relatives vote in this next election and don’t stop by and see you.  End of my editorial

Rozell Small Engines is NOT doing repairs.  We are only open to sell the parts we have left.  We are not ordering anything.  We have a few tools to sell but are basically closing not because of the virus as we are considered essential but because we are retiring from that business.



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