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Corona virus update

Countryside Auction PLEASE Follow current CDC guidelines please.

 You may feel you are ok but maybe the guy standing beside or setting in front of you has serious health issues.  Please think of others.   You could be exposing some one’s loved one.  This stuff is very serious for those with compromised health and delta, now ominicron seems hard on young people and unvaccinated people.  

 And it’s not over.   With all who have had covid and all who are vaccinated we should be getting better but seems we are not.

Please if you think you are sick stay home and don’t pass this stuff around.   If you have been exposed stay home please.  Please do not come to the sale if you feel sick or have a fever.

Wear a mask if you wish or can-for your safety and ours.  Distance yourself and wash hands. Vaccinated people can have a mild case but still spread it although they don’t feel that sick.   Unvaccinated persons with health issues are sometimes have a very hard time.  Protect yourself as well as others.   I think our chidren are suffering with learning issues having to school from home.  Lets keep them in school.

Do not crowd the Auctioneer or clerk at the consignment sale

Say a prayer for the Dr., Nurses, technicians, EMT’s and all workers in our hospitals and all those in the hospital.

Thank you!!!  Check back for any updates as they arise. We have had to cancel 1 sale due to covid.  We didn’t have enough people to work that weren’t in quarantine.  We want to be here to help you market your animals. Protect yourself and others.

Rozell’s Ministorage is renting units. Our office is now mid way back where the mower shop was.  Use the white door on the east side of the building. We ask that you do not come to rent if you are feeling sick, running a fever, etc.  Stay home and do not infect others.  Call us first to check on what sizes we have open.  We are trying to get back in the office from 9- 2 weekdays but Dr apts keep us running to OKC.. If no answer call 405 615  7065 to be sure we have the size you need and when we can meet you

Monthly payments can be dropped in the lock box and we will mail you a receipt if you do not want contact or if we aren’t here.  We usually aren’t that far away so call us and we’ll meet you.

Rozell Small Engines is NOT doing repairs.  We will sharpen chains for a while if you catch us here.   We have lots of parts to sell and they will save you money.  We are in and out with Dr apts so call first.  We have lots of Briggs parts- mostly stuff that fits older machines 5 yr and back.  Air filters, Carb kits, fuel filters, fuel pumps, rebuild parts.  Also Kohler, Tecumseh, Husqvqrnqa parts.You will get original equipment at reduced prices.  We did not sell “aftermarket, will fit, maybe fit” parts, what ever you want to call them. We also have some older Murray and MTD parts.  Check with us. I have other parts and trying to get a list with pricing on all we have left.  some blades and belts.  If you are looking for something call us- we may still have it and it will be cheaper than on line. 405 258 1265 or 405 615   7065. no shipping or CC.



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