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Next sales May 28. June 11, 25. July 9, 23 We are 2nd & 4th Sat of the month except only 2nd Sat in Dec. Look for items coming in for the sale on upcoming sales, items & events page. 

No longer accepting poultry due to State ban on poultry sales until Aug 1, 2022

Check in rabbits, hay, misc. preferably by 2 PM for our consignment sale. We do our best to help you sell your stuff by posting on facebook up until 1  or 2 if we have time and are not swamped at that time.  It is an Auction- sells to the highest bidder starting at 3:30.  We will NOT accept anything after the sale starts for the consignment sale.  We don’t have  the help to check it in and enter it on the computer to be sold as we are entering the stuff being sold at the time.

 Every 2nd & 4th Sat sale starts at 3:30.  Check it in by 1 so we can get it posted on Facebook and entered into the computer for the sale and give people a chance to look at it before the sale starts.  Who knows somebody may be looking for what you have.

If you have rabbits, hay, or farm produce to sell you can bring it Fri afternoon from 3-6 or after 8:30 Sat morning till 3 sale weekend. If you bring it early we can get the pictures posted and try to get more buyers for what you are selling.  We will not accept items after the sale starts.  Poultry banned until Aug 1, 2022 as of May 1st.  Our ag man is checking to see if this includes hatching eggs.

May 14 we had some rabbits, some stuff- toys, coleman lantern, some cages- large and small, 2 lawnmowers, 2 chainsaws, a bumper guard for truck, several stock tanks, truck bed trailer.

Next sale May 28, 2022

If you are holding a check on the consignment sale dated before Aug 31, 2021 you will need to contact us about a replacement.  We have changed banks.  Please cash all checks promptly.

Check Facebook at Countryside Auction, Chandler or call 405 615 7065 for info.


pictures of previous consignment sales

Anything we know is coming is on our page Upcoming Sales, Items & Events.   When it arrives is posted on Facebook.

cansignment lean too

Plenty of cages to display your poultry or rabbits.  You do not have to sell the cage you bring them in.  But we can sell your cage if you wish.  No poultry accepted due to ban on sales until Aug 1st 2022


Come out by 3:30 and see if we have something you have been looking for or bring out some stuff to sell before 2 and we'll get it pictured and on Facebook and we'll sell it for you. If you get there after 2 not sure we will get it posted as time restraints on us and on the customer having time to get there before it's sold.

Will try to get a  picture of Bob our new auctioneer to post next sale.  I got a picture of Bob but don’t know how to get it off Google photo.  I’d rather clutter up my phone with my pictures than have google keep them. .


Corona virus restrictions update

Pictures of the crowd at our Consignment sale on Feb 22, 2020



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