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5 Sat in Jan.

Next sales-   Feb 12 and 26th  Consignment sale at 3:30, Livestock starts at 5PM.  Sat. morning Check in starts at 8:30 till sale time- no appointment needed on Sat. On Wed, Thurs., or Fri. morning please make an appointment for us to meet you. We are usually there Friday afternoons from 3-6 Sale weekend, no apt needed for Fri afternoon.

Consignments need to be there by 2 and livestock before 3 on Sat. if you want it advertised on Facebook. We take consignments till 3 only and livestock till 5 or after until the sale is over.

If you are planning on bringing stock let us know so we can advertise it on the web page as coming and maybe we can get some extra buyers for your livestock ...but we post everything on the web page by noon Fri. so get that info to us by then.  Help yourself by letting us advertise what you are bringing. Pictures are posted on Facebook after livestock is received Fri. night or Sat. morning.


Next Sale Feb 12, 2022


There are 5 Sat this month of Jan. which always messes us up. Let us know what you are bringing so we can let others know that may be looking for what you have. Next Sale Feb 12

We have a guy bringing about 30 bales of fertilized Bermuda hay.  Another one bringing usually about 120+ bales of alfalfa hay.  Sell sale day Sat after 3:30.  Both our hay guys said they should be able to bring another load on Feb 12 next sale day provided it’s not raining.  Check back closer to sale day.

The USPS is getting worse.  I mailed a check to a customer and 3 weeks later he hadn’t received it and I hadn’t gotten it back. Still haven’t and it’s been 5 mo.  They can’t get timely deliveries any more. Government efficiency at it’s best.  So if you leave animals or consignments and need your check please pick it up. We can no longer be responsible for mail not being delivered in a timely manner. Once we drop it off at the post office we have no control over what happens.  We have had 2 checks for ministorages damaged in postal machines.  One was cashable the other was not.  If lost we charge $27 to reissue a check. Just be aware of this if you want your check mailed .

Notice if you have a check that you have not cashed on the Consignment sale printed on or before 8/31/2021 you will have to contact us for a replacement.  We have changed banks and closed the bank act that was used before 8/31/2021.  If you try cashing that check it will not go thru because Act is closed.   Checks written after 9/1/2021 are fine.  If you have an old check bring it to us for a replacement.  We want to get this account current.  Please cash all checks in a timely manner- 6 mo bank can refuse to cash it.  It’s your money- use it.   Do to USPS losing mail we will not mail checks on the consignment unless you tell us to.  We will hold it for pick up - call for an appointment.  Otherwise pick up at next sale.   If lost in mail there is a fee of $27.00 to reissue.

If you are holding a check on the livestock sale please cash it also.  Anything older than 6 mo. the bank may not cash anymore.  We will sometime after the first of year change that bank account also.  If you are holding a check on the custodial act that is to old to be accepted contact us for a replacement.  After checking our records we will reissue it if it had not been previously been reissued and cashed.  If you have lost the check there is a fee of $27 to replace a check if you do not have the old check. 


Wayne 405   615  7065- Do not text! Call only.

Josh - Stock manager - 405 258   6448 

Phone service is not the best. Call back if no answer or if we do not return your missed call shortly.  We have had voice messages show up a day later. Just recently we had a guy call on a Fri. sale weekend with a question at 6:45- we got the message at 10:58 that night. If we are checking in noisy stock or mowing Wayne can’t hear his phone.  So give it a bit and try us back.  We hate to miss your calls.  We may have missed some calls the week before the Sale on Dec 11.  Our house was broken into and Wayne’s cell phone was stolen.  He left it on the charger when we went to the Dr and when we got back it was gone along with other stuff.

 We do have the credit card processor set up.  All sales are final and no recourse just as it is at the sale if you pay cash or check. You see the animal, you bid on the animal, and once you get the high bid it is yours. An auction bid is the only verbal contract to stand up in court. We will accept credit cards or debit cards.  There is a fee of 4% added on to your invoice by the processing co.  If you do not want to pay this fee bring cash or approved check.  You can use your card at the consignment sale, livestock sale, or in the concession stand.  Sat we had an issue so stay prepared.  Apparently the co did not realize there was an issue because most businesses they handle were closed on Fri but it was system wide so we couldn’t process cards  Nov 27 Sat,  Hopefully they will be back up by next sale.  This is a new co and we have had a few issues so be prepared with a check if the card machine won’t work.  Hopefully they are getting the bugs out of the system.

Occasionally we have someone who wants to sell a Llama or Pyrenees or Anatolia or crossed Pyr/Ana guard dogs and we will sell them.  We do not sell other breeds of dogs.   The other common used guard animal is a donkey and we do not sell those.

We get extra Goat and Sheep magazine and Ranch and Rural Living magazines and you are welcome to pick up either one or both. They have some really good articles.  We lay these out on the tables and you can take one if you like. 



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