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covid 19 update and new changes reguarding sale

Next sales-  June 13, 27, July 11, 25 2020 Consignment sale at 3:30, Livestock starts at 5PM.  Sat. morning Check in starts at 8:30 till sale time- no appointment needed on Sat. On Wed, Thurs., or Fri. morning please make an appointment for us to meet you. We are usually there Friday afternoons from 3-6 Sale weekend only. Please call 405 615 7065 if you want to schedule an appointment or for info.

 Consignments need to be there by 2 and livestock before 3 on Sat. if you want it advertised on Facebook. We take consignments till 3 and livestock till 5 or after until the sale is over.

If you are planning on bringing stock let us know so we can advertise it on the web page as coming and maybe we can get some extra buyers for your livestock ...but we post everything on the web page by noon Fri. so get that info to us by then.  Help yourself by letting us advertise what you are bringing. Pictures are posted on Facebook after livestock is received Fri. night or Sat. morning.


Next Sale Sat. June 13, 5 Sat in May


We know this sale is often an outing for families.  We do appreciate you but we ask in these times you do not bring your spouse or children or if you do they stay in the car. Help us get you the most buyers we can by only sending 1 person in your family to bid.  OUR GUIDELINES HAVE NOT CHANGED even though more businesses have been opened up.

6 ft social distancing and only 40 people in arena.  They have suggest all wear a mask.  We thank you for complying.  Don’t come sick or if you have been exposed.

cap and diploma

SR 2020

Congratulations to all Seniors who are graduating this year.  We know this is not how you planned to end your year but you can say for sure it will be memorable.  Continued success in what ever your future holds.

It’s Spring and wet!!!  Remember in wet weather the parasites are more problems.   Stay on top of it.  Do not feed on the ground and rotate pastures if you can. Goats can look fine one day, be droopy the next, and dead the next if you don’t get them treated. Or they can gradually lose weight and have scours.  If they hang their head and tail check them out or if they are coughing a lot.   Don’t let parasites rob you of profits. See issues pages  I have had 2 people come in last year that said they lost a bunch to parasites early.  If it’s wet watch for parasites.  And if they hit don’t just worm once do it every 5-7 days for 3 or 4 times to clean them up. Wormy or sick goats don’t bring much money and dead ones sure don’t.  Watch them closely in wet weather.

Occasionally we have someone who wants to sell a Llama or Pyrenees or Anatolia or crossed Pyr/Ana guard dogs and we will sell them.  We do not sell other mixed breeds of dogs. The other common used guard animal is a donkey and we do not sell those.

We get extra Goat and Sheep magazine and Ranch and Rural Living magazines and you are welcome to pick up either one or both. They have some really good articles.  We lay these out on the tables and you can take one if you like.



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