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Next sales  Feb 24, Mar 10, 24 2018. Consignment sale at 3:30, Livestock starts at 5PM. Sat. morning Check in starts at 8:30 till sale time- no appointment needed on Sat. On Wed, Thurs., or Fri. morning please make an appointment for us to meet you. We are usually there Friday afternoons from 3-6 Sale weekend only. Please call 405 615 7065 to be sure there is someone available to meet you on Fri. Sat the full crew will be there. Consignments need to be there by 2 and livestock before 3 on Sat. if you want it advertised on Facebook. We take consignments till 3 and livestock till 5.

If you are planning on bringing stock let us know so we can advertise it on the web page as coming and maybe we can get some extra buyers for your livestock ...but we post everything on the web page by noon Fri. so get that info to us by then. I keep saying this and we had some people come all the way from the panhandle of TX. About a 4hr drive. But they had heard of us an decided to drive here to see what they might be able to buy. So if you drop off stuff at 3 and it’s just what they are looking for and we post pictures on Facebook they are not going to be a potential buyer because they can’t get here in time. Help yourself by letting us advertise what you are bringing.


We have had all kinds of calls about the sale on Feb 24.  People wanting to sell, people looking for certain animals and people inquiring about the hay.  Yes we will be there Sat and the hay will be there.  Hay, poultry, misc will sell at 3:30.  Livestock starts at 5.  Unloading begins at 8:30 Sat morning.  1st in sells first.  We post what is received on Facebook till about 3

Had a call today about several show wetheres coming in.

If you believe the weathermen it will be rainy Sat morning but up to 60 degrees.  Should be a nice day to get out and go to an auction after all this mess this week. 

We have more alfalfa hay coming this next sale Feb 24.  This has been excellent hay, some 1st cutting and some 4th cutting.  We stack it in stacks of 5 and 10 bale groups and auction it off after 3:30.  It is very leafy, 1 st cutting has a little bigger stems and 4th cutting is rabbit hay- fine and nice.


4th cutting


1st cutting in front and 4th cutting in back of picture

Remember we will NOT cancel a sale due to cold weather or snow.  But if we have ice we will evaluate then and will post here and on Facebook should it be too dangerous to be out and therefor cancel a sale.  As always you judge your road conditions in your area.  We don’t want you coming and injure yourself or your animals. And if you question it please call.

If you own a lawnmower you need to read the Rozell Small Engine page on things coming down the pike. Informational!

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