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Next sales Nov 10, 24, Dec 8.  Consignment sale at 3:30, Livestock starts at 5PM.  Sat. morning Check in starts at 8:30 till sale time- no appointment needed on Sat. On Wed, Thurs., or Fri. morning please make an appointment for us to meet you. We are usually there Friday afternoons from 3-6 Sale weekend only. Please call 405 615 7065 to be sure there is someone available to meet you on Fri.  Sat the full crew will be there. Consignments need to be there by 2 and livestock before 3 on Sat. if you want it advertised on Facebook. We take consignments till 3 and livestock till 5.

If you are planning on bringing stock let us know so we can advertise it on the web page as coming and maybe we can get some extra buyers for your livestock ...but we post everything on the web page by noon Fri. so get that info to us by then.  Help yourself by letting us advertise what you are bringing. This also lets us know how many people to have work for the sale.  Pictures are posted on Facebook after livestock is received Fri night or Sat morning.  We used to post items people were bringing then they didn’t show up and we had unhappy buyers there waiting to buy so now we only post pictures when the animal shows up.


Next sale Nov 10


Just reading the current issue of Ranch and Rural Living.  There are articles about the lack of rain in TX, the flooding rains in Tx, the soft market and parasites danger with all the rains.   Hopefully we are going to see the market stabilize now since they are not so many animals being dumped.  The market has been so erratic all this fall.  But even with that being said good animals have brought good prices but the skinny, rough looking have really brought the market down.  So watch those parasites.  We have had so much rain and dew here and that is prime time for parasites to gain control of your herd.

Also remember that it takes about 2 weeks to get animals processed and into the stores for purchase for a holiday.  Thanksgiving is in about 2 weeks and then we roll into Dec with multiple holidays for different ethnic groups.  Lets hope the market will correct itself and stabilize for the remaining part of 2018.   Last year we were lucky and the demand did not stop after the first of the year and prices were pretty good till summer with a couple of downturns but popped right back up.  Then when summer hit and all holidays were over and TX started dumping the market got real crazy.  Lets hope it stabilizes this year.  i hope that with the dumping of animals they will want to replenish the herds and breeding stock will come back with good prices.  But who knows.  It’s all in the demand that drives the prices.

We have a bunch of misc stuff coming from some ministorages- furniture and other stuff.

Alfalfa hay man is coming Sat.  Hay sells after 3:30 and before 5. 

50 bales grass hay will be there Sat.

3 bills coming.  Also about 15 head coming also

Inquiries are coming in about the sale wanting to know what we might have.

We are getting lots of new people every sale and we do appreciate everyone.  We thank you for spreading the word about our sale.    Thank you for marketing you animals with us and for buying  some of your replacement animals at our sale.

Have you been having rain every few days and lots of dew?  This lets the parasites come on.  Watch your herd.  Don’t let parasites rob you of profits! See our issues page.

They are working on HWY 18 at Twin Bridges.  Turn at the corner where all the construction equipment is on HWY 18. Road is open fine to get to us.  So come on!  Sign post at 840 is down so just look for the construction- new bridge and dirt work along side of road.  We are about 1.3 miles off Hiway 18 and if using your GPS it will take you to the next mile section so look for our sign at just over 1 1/4 miles north side of the road. 



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