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We now carry Jonsered chain saws.  Jonsered has always been considered a premium saw.  We used to sell them and took them on again since we have a new distributor.  We own 2, a  630 and a 2054 both older saws and quality pieces of equipment. Great power to weight ratio and clean fast running saws.  Use premium JR 95 octane 2 cycle fuel and it will help it start easily every time.  And if it sets for 6 months you will still be ok as the premium fuel has a 1 year shelf life opened and 2 year unopened.


Lots of DIY parts for Brigggs & Stratton, Kohler, Some Murray and Tecumseh. and lots of OEP blades

Lots of do it yourself parts- original equipment.

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Original Equipment or referencecs to OEP (Original Equipment Parts) refers to parts made and sold by the Original Equipment manufacturer.  Most times are a better fit and less likely to do damage.  Sometimes Aftermarket parts are acceptable and sometimes not and sometimes cheaper and sometimes more expensive and really expensive if they don‘t fit and damage  equipment and we recommend using OEP.  Also do not assume on line parts are cheaper.  I found a part the other day on line for  a string trimmer was $32.14 plus shipping and I sell it for about $25. which includes tax.  I find these things all the time where we are cheaper and sometimes we have it and you get it that day and don’t have to wait for shipping. Some of these places charge shipping and handling fees which can be rather high. 


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