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Parts stock for sale

Retiring - 41 years accumulation is taking a lot longer to sort thru than expected.  All stock and tools for sale.  Changes coming.

We have in stock 1 Oregon battery powered chain saw, 1 Oregon pump sprayer which has replacement parts if something fails,  and 1 Dixon hi wheel trimmer

We have shipped Briggs & Stratton and Kohler but there are some multipacks that were open they wouldn’t take so we have a few items.(multipacks would be items we sell a lot of so may still have what you need.)   Some air filters, fuel filters, oil filters and some superseded parts still in stock at bargain prices.  All Husqvarna consumer parts are being packed. So all we have left are parts that were bulk pack-not complete, open packages,  or superseded parts.  Good parts but distributor won’t take back.

All parts reduced for clearance!



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