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Products serviced and parts stocked.

Retiring Dec 31.  All stock and tools for sale.

We have in stock 1 Masport walk behind mower with Briggs engine, 2 Jonsered chain saws, 1 Oregon battery powered chain saw, 1 Oregon pump sprayer which has replacement parts if something fails, 1 efco cultivator tiller.

We still have lot of parts for Dixon and Jonsered. Parts stocked are spindles, bearings, shafts, deck hangers, belts, blades, wheel bolts, spindle bolts, pulleys, idlers, and lots more.


lots of fast moving parts and some older parts for older engines.

Briggs and Stratton engines- Parts stocked are coils, push rods, rocker arms, filters- air and oil, bolts, carb kits, floats, needles, DIY items, rings, pistons, rods, overhaul kits- engine and valve,  valves, gaskets- kits, carb, intake, exhaust, rocker cover, pan, fuel hose, breather tubes, and lots more.  We have parts for older engines.


Lots of parts, oil filters, fuel filters, air cleaners and more

Kohler we stock similar parts as we do Briggs but we do not stock as many parts for Kohler because we don’t see as many of those.  We still have lots of parts for the older series of Kohlers.


electrical, cables, bearings, blades, belts and more


 Some Craftsman, some Toro, some Murray are made by MTD and some Craftsman, Murrays  and Snappers are made by AYP and we have parts for those.

Husqvarna group of products which include Husqvarna chain saws, mowers, Poulan, Poulan Pro, Weedeater, Jomsered, and other products made by AYP such as some Murray mowers and  some Craftsman brands.  We keep quite a few parts that fit those mowers and chainsaws.


Hydrogear is a company that makes a lot of transmissions for z drives and tractors.  We have soem parts mostly oil fiters adn brake pieces.

We now carry Hydrogear oil.


Zama and Walbro make a lot of carburetors on small hand held like chain saws, blowers, and trimmers.  We stock kits and can repair those most of the time.  However there are some that have no parts available.  And the adjusting tools are not to be sold under penalties of law.


originally called Olympyc

Efco is a brand of trimmers, pole saws and chain saw we have sold.   We have several heads for trimmers and a few parts for the older Efco saws that were Olympyc.


Murray and Tecumseh have sold out.  Some parts are hard to find but we have parts that fit Murray mowers and Tecumseh engines.  But most have to done an a unit by unit basis to see if we can get the parts needed. Some brand of Murrays were made by Muray and some parts are hard to find.  Newer Murrays are made by AYP or MTD and those parts are available.

ALL computerized parts look ups start with a model no. and if you can’t find the model tag we can’t find the part no. you need.



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