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Read your warranty when you get a new piece of equipment.  Don't throw it in a drawer and leave it- read it first. And ALWAYS SAVE THE RECEIPT!  And if the guy at the box store tells you it's got a 2 yr warranty that covers everything- better read it and not assume he knows what he’s talking about.

 If your mower is under warranty get it serviced by a dealer.  We know you can do it but sometimes there are issues we know to look for and if this issue rears it’s ugly head 2 yr and 3 mo down the road and you have a 2 yr warranty  it’s on you.

 If you have disabled the electrical safety system or any safety feature it will be repaired and you will be charged for those repairs before returning the equipment to you.  If you do not want that repaired please take your equipment elsewhere for repairs.

Why use OEM parts instead of will fit. Think about this.  You own a billion $ company.  You have a big research and development dept and a big legal dept.  Charlie over here decided to make an air filter almost like the one the OEM makes. It can’t be exactly or the trademark, patent, and other company lawyers will have Charlie tied up in court for years. So it’s almost a match but not quite.  Will you hope that it will filter good enough to keep you engine safe from the dirt that will destroy your engine.  You buy Will fit blades made by John.  Will they last as long, will they wear out and cause vibrations sooner and shake your mower apart.  If it’s a star center and doesn’t quite meet OEM specks-(it can’t or again the lawyers will be on John) and maybe it gets a little loose because it doesn’t quite fit.  Pretty soon it’s new blade time and new spindle time.  OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) may cost a little more but it’s designed to spec and fits properly. Are you willing to take that chance to save $2 to ruin a $1000 motor or mower.



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