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Service is WAY more technical that it was 40 years ago  but a couple things I’d like to bring up.  Back then we didn’t have a bail to start a push mower.  Pulled the rope and it started.  We didn’t have to set in the seat, be sure certain switches were set right to start a mower.  Or be sure we have everything in the right place so the computer will access the unit and be sure it’s ok to start up. We tuned things with a screwdriver not a computer. We didn’t have 3 safety switches or 5 electronic sensors to check and be sure it was ok to start.

Tell the service man everything you can about a piece of equipment.  It can save you time and money on repairs.  If you walk in and say it just quit we will start from the point it was running before.    Now if we check things out and can’t find the problem and have to start digging and find you changed some parts, or you readjusted some things that would have saved you probably at least a half hr in service times.  If you tell us it’s set for 5 years we know we will have to clean and check the carb and tank and hoses before it will run.  Some times it makes a difference whether we will work on it.  We may tell you it’s time for a replacement.  Also if you tell us it’s been run with ethanol that makes a difference where we look for problems.  Or if you took a part off another unit and put on this one that helps too.  Sure we can find the problems but it’s costing you time all the while we are looking for the issues. 

Some problems we run into guy brings in say a push mower.  Broken spring in the recoil.  Says was running fine.  First clue- the spring is broken he pulled it too hard trying to get it to start and it wouldn’t.  So first we have to fix the recoil and then we find it doesn’t have ignition so replace the coil.  Then we find it’s not getting gas so clean the carb and replace the bad spark plug.  Now it’s running but not a 30 min repair job with a spring.  We now have an hr, a spring, a coil, a carb kit, maybe some hose, and some new fuel.  If we’d been told it had been getting hard to start and had set for over a year we might have questioned even fixing it.  But we couldn’t even do any checks till we fixed the recoil.  But customer said it was running.    For this very reason we are now requiring a down payment or diagnostic deposit before we check out a unit. That way we get paid for some of our time if we find it’s not feasible to repair because you didn’t tell us everything you  did.



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