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Rozell's Small Engine Repair

Rozell’s Small Engine has been selling and servicing the best quality products and repairing the rest in Lincoln Co. and Central Oklahoma.  We have furnished service, repairs, and parts since 1978.  We look hard at the brands we sell to be sure they will give good value and be long lasting equipment.  To pass our test it has to be good equipment, have a good access to parts and be easily serviceable.  Notice: We will continue to fix machines till Dec 31, 2019 but at that time we are planning to retire.  We’ve always felt “If it’s good enough to fix, it’s good enough to fix right”.  But the business is changing and we are getting older and it’s time to retire.  We will continue our other businesses as usual.                                                                              



PLEASE IF YOU ARE COMING FOR PARTS BRING YOU MODEL NO’S . Computer look-ups start with the Model No and sometimes we need other info depending on what parts you are looking for.   Everything is computer look ups and start from the model no!

We are a Mom & Pop operation in a small rural town in central Oklahoma.  We pride ourselves in our knowledge of our products and the competition.  We offer information about our suppliers products but are not liable for misinformation, typographical errors, or the workability of a particular product.  Enjoy our pages and hopefully they will help you with your outdoor power choices.  We’ve been here over 41 years and have seen the good, bad & ugly and still say a quality product is worth the money and usually cheaper in the long run provided you do the required maintainance.



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