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Rozell's Small Engine Repair

Rozell’s Small Engine has been selling and servicing the best quality products and repairing the rest in Lincoln Co. and Central Oklahoma.  We have furnished service, repairs, and parts since 1978.   Notice: Rozell’s are retiring SOON and in process of liquidating all parts, bars, chains, sprockets, belts, blades, oil & air filters, etc.  Bargains!! Will close soon as we get all the parts shipped to the suppliers sometime in Feb. Meanwhile we are still here boxing and counting and cleaning and waiting on the distributors to accept our returns.  We have some parts not acceptable for return- mostly good parts but no’s are superseded or open boxes.  We will sell them here or on line once we get the return info. We will no longer fix machines but will sharpen chains till we get most everything liquidated.  We’ve always felt “If it’s good enough to fix, it’s good enough to fix right”.  But the business is changing and we are getting older and it’s time to retire.   We will continue our other businesses- ministorage and Countryside Auction as usual.  Our plans are to remodel this facility and we have a possible renter and we will have the ministorage office here.   So we will be around here cleaning up and repairing for a while but not have regular hrs till I get my new office built.                                                                  


We’ve been a Mom & Pop operation in a small rural town in central Oklahoma.  We pride ourselves in our knowledge of our products and the competition.  We’ve been here over 41 years and have seen the good, bad & ugly and still say a quality product is worth the money and usually cheaper in the long run provided you do the required maintainance.

Wayne is keeping up his certification and we went to a Kohler school on Wed. Jan 8th.  Please be careful about watching you tube videos and working on you own mower.  There was a guy with some dangerous information about Kohler engines enough that the Co sent a cease order.  Make sure the video is from someone reputable.  If they are telling you to alter stuff beware.  Be Safe!

Likewise if you purchase an EFI engine you best let a service dealer take care of it.  Some parts are expensive and testing electrical wrong will blow those expensive parts and warranty won’t cover it.

It has been our pleasure to service your equipment since 1978. We hope you can find someone who can service them in the future.  After 41 years it is time for us to call it quits and relax a little.  Here is a little poem we found while cleaning out things.  If you’ve ever worked in parts you will get a big chuckle.  Sorry I don’t know who wrote it.

       Life of a parts counterperson 

                                                                                                         I work behind the counter 

 in a lawn and garden store

Sometimes I’m called a genius,

Sometimes I’m called much more


I claim I’m not a genius,

But when the mower gets sick,

My customers all ask me

What makes my mower tick.


I’m not an engineer nor machinist,

And rarely, if ever, get bored.

I’m supposed to be an Einstein

combined with Henry Ford


Folks think I know the numbers

of sprockets, belts, and gears.

for every mower and chain saw made

in the last 40 years.


But life would be a pleasure

And I’d grin from ear to ear.

If the customer would only know






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