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Rozell's Small Engine Repair

Rozell’s Small Engine has been selling and servicing the best quality products and repairing the rest in Lincoln Co. and Central Oklahoma.  We have furnished service, repairs, and parts since 1978.  We look hard at the brands we sell to be sure they will give good value and be long lasting equipment.  To pass our test it has to be good equipment, have a good access to parts and be easily serviceable.  Selling Efco power equipment, Jonsered Mowers & Saws, Briggs & Stratton or Kohler Eng, repairing Dixon ZTR mowers and repairing various other equipment and engines. If it’s good enough to fix, it’s good enough to fix right.                                                                                




As always in bad winter weather even if we are not here we will be glad to meet you here to get you going- weekends or holidays if we can.  The phone no will be on the door.  Call us and we’ll tell you what time we can meet you to help you out.  We have a bunch of  Dr apt and service schools so if we are gone there we will let you know when we should be back. Check our calender page for events we are scheduled for and if we don’t answer the phone at the shop, try the no for the sale barn.  That will reach us inside or outside.   

In extreme weather calling for ice-  Fill you vehicles with fuel.  Fill your gas cans and fill your generators with a little bit of canned fuel.  Be sure they start.  Add a stabilizer in the reg fuel like Star Tron or B&S stabilizer. Get extra fuel for your chain saws.  We recommend the canned fuel which are free of ethanol and will stay in your unit without damage  and are good for up to a year.  Excellent for generators which set a lot of the time.  After the storms are over dump the regular gas into your car.  Always get fresh gas for any possible upcoming emergency.  If you had to run the generator for an extended time with regular fuel, drain the tank of generators unless filled with  a little canned fuels and restart with canned fuels to be sure it’s thru the carb and all passageways.  Store with canned fuel.  Will make your life a lot easier when the next storm rolls around.

Always call before you make a trip here to be sure we are here.    I have added a calender page for open and closed dates for the lawnmower shop and for the Countryside sale barn.  PLEASE IF YOU ARE COMING FOR PARTS BRING YOU MODEL NO’S .  Computer look-ups start with the Model No and sometimes we need other info depending on what parts you are looking for.  If you can’t find them call us- that might save you a trip.   If we don’t answer leave your no and what you need and we will call you back.    A lot of parts are made overseas and it is a very slow boat from China that brings them here.

 Get that chain saw in for service, sharpening, or other repairs.

So far this years schools are on EFI engines(electronic fuel Injection).  Good fuels are a MUST.   Fuels go bad in 30 days- dont’ smell like it but have no pizazz!  Get fresh fuels every time. Otherwise you will have expensive problems.  They can save as much as 1/2 the fuel cost - lots cleaner running engines. 

Don’t use ethanol in mowers or chain saws. It can damage any ribber components and corrode the metals.   Put 1 gal gas in your car before you fill your can of gas in case the guy before filled up with ethanol or flex fuels.  After mowing dump your gas into your car and go get fresh gas every time you mow.   Bad fuel is not covered by warranty. And on a 2 cycle the ethanol takes out the carb diaphrams, rubber on the seals in the engine as well as old fuel setting ethanol draws moisture and turns corrosive and will eat up the metals inside the carb or clog the holes with corrosion and actually eat the metals in the crankcase. Valve issues-getting valves adjusted to be sure you run right. Major repairs possible if you don’t from starter to new engine!!! Get your mower in for spring service this fall. 

Schedule: With  Dr apts and service schools and the sale barn we have a a crazy schedule but this way you know when we are here.  Check out on our Calender page.  Service schools will start in the fall.

Mon thru Thurs and on Fri provided it’s not before the 2nd or 4th Sat. 8:30 till 12:30 or when we leave for lunch- back at 2 or before till 5.  2nd & 4th Sat. we are gone to the sale barn.  The Fri. afternoon before the 2nd & 4th Sat we are gone.  The 1st, 3rd and if a 5th Sat we are here and also the Fri. afternoon before the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sat.we are here.  Best to call first. Check our calender page.

 If your mower is under warranty get it serviced by a dealer.  We know you can do it but sometimes there are issues we know to look for and if this issue rears it’s ugly head 2 yr and 3 mo down the road and you have a 2 yr warranty  it’s on you.

Warranty covers manufacturing defects and workmanship.  It does not cover abuse or wear items or bent crankshafts or bad fuel. Best suggestion is read the warranty statement when you purchase a new unit. We go thru training like a CSI investigator.  There is a trail as to what happend to a mower or engine.  Read your warranty to see what is covered. 

More and more parts are made in China or overseas somewhere.  You could be waiting 2-3 months on parts.  In May we were getting back orders in almost every order we place, normally this doesn’t happen till July.  This has been a long summer waiting on parts.  Don’t wait.    We have no idea of what the box stores sell so we have no idea what to stock for your box store unit.  We can get lots of parts but we don’t stock everything.  If I had the money to stock everything everyone needs I’d retire.

Bring you model no’s and we'll be glad to look up parts for your repair job. Got to have that information to find your part.  It can get very complicated and we’ll be glad to help you find the right part.    Husqvarna power products have a no on the cowling, a 9 digit no under the seat or somewhere on the tractor and a serial no.  Sometimes it takes all of them to isolate your product. MTD has no’s under the seat on riders,  Engine no’s are on the engine.  If you can’t find it call us- We’ll tell you where to look.

We are the only Authorized Briggs & Stratton Service Center in Lincoln Co. and also the only Kohler service center for engines.(we do not do the big generators but we can tune up the engine on small portable units).  We also do LCT engines and can get some parts for older Tecumseh engines.   Dealers are getting further apart anymore.  We use original equipment parts for best fit and service.


We can get quite a few engines for various applications.  Come let us figure a new engine on your application.  Make sure the engine you get will do the job, fit you application and last.

 We do not work on Swisher or Southland equipment.    We can  get parts for Toro mower made by MTD if we can figure out the MTD part no.  We will work on some Stihl or Echo if you will go chase parts.

See our tips to help you get better life out of your mower. click here for more tips  Please read the ethanol warning!

Old Murray mowers, Tecumseh Engines, and K series & Magnum Kohler engines are getting harder and harder to find parts but lots of parts can be found.     Old Dixon transaxel drives mower and Kodiac & Grizzley are getting harder to find parts.  But some can be still found- call us.

 If you have disabled the electrical safety system or any safety feature it will be repaired and you will be charged for those repairs before returning the equipment to you.  If you do not want that repaired please take your equipment elsewhere for repairs.

We are a Mom & Pop operation in a small rural town in central Oklahoma.  We pride ourselves in our knowledge of our products and the competition.  We offer information about our suppliers products but are not liable for misinformation, typographical errors, or the workability of a particular product.  Enjoy our pages and hopefully they will help you with your outdoor power choices.  We’ve been here over 40 years and have seen the good, bad & ugly and still say a quality produce is worth the money and usually cheaper in the long run.


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