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Rozell's Small Engine Repair

Rozell’s Small Engine has been selling and servicing the best quality products and repairing the rest in Lincoln Co. and Central Oklahoma.  We have furnished service, repairs, and parts since 1978.  We look hard at the brands we sell to be sure they will give good value and be long lasting equipment.  To pass our test it has to be good equipment, have a good access to parts and be easily serviceable.  Servicing Efco power equipment, Briggs & Stratton or Kohler Eng, Dixon ZTR, Jonsered Mowers and saws, Husqvarna Mowers and saws, MTD, Troy Bilt and repairing various other equipment and engines. If it’s good enough to fix, it’s good enough to fix right.                                                                                



PLEASE IF YOU ARE COMING FOR PARTS BRING YOU MODEL NO’S . Computer look-ups start with the Model No and sometimes we need other info depending on what parts you are looking for.  If you can’t find them call us- that might save you a trip.   If we don't answer leave your no and what you need and we will call you back.  For MTD products we need the model no and ser no found under the seat.  For AYP, Husqvarna, Poulan parts we need all he model no’s(model no, 9 diget no under the seat or on the frame and serial no.),  for Craftsman the model no under the seat or hood.  For Toro we need model no- we can get the parts on mowers made by MTD only.  Murray, need the model no’s- may be under the seat or on back of tractor.  Snapper- need model no.  Engine parts- Briggs on a side plate or on OHV valve cover, on push mower some are on the plate guarding the muffler.  Kohler- on a sticker on the engine.  For Powermore we can usually ref, it from the MTD no’s. Dixon or Jonsered the model no on the side of the machine and on back plate on back of frame and under the seat for JR.  Everything is computer look ups and start from the model no!

 We have parts for do it yourselfers otherwise bring it in and we’ll get it ready.  

This years problems seem to be upside down blades.  Also people who don’t know how to work on a mower or someone who is getting dimentia and still trying to fix things and loosing or breaking parts or installing belts against bad idlers or spindles with bearings out or using will(maybe) fit parts and screwing stuff up.  Also some issues with people washing their mower. A nice clean mower looks good but if you wash it while hot it will cause idlers to fail and can also corrode grounding points. 

Don’t use ethanol in mowers or chain saws.   Bad, stale, or dirty fuel is not covered by warranty.  Valve issues-getting valves adjusted to be sure you run right. Major repairs possible if you don’t from starter to new engine!!! 

 Check our calender page for days we may be gone.  We are also closed for about an hr between 12:30 and 2 for lunch.

Things to remember-No Ethanol fuels and Fresh fuels every time you mowDrain your tank every winter and service with canned fuels.Use a good stabilizer for small engines.  Get you valves checked if your mower seems hard to start or turn overReplace your air filters if paper. Wash with dish washing soap and let dry if foam- oil if service manual says to.  Don’t work on a mower that is still under warranty.  You can void the warranty that way. And bring it is soon as you notice it’s not right- don’t wait.  Always keep a RECEIPT on any lawn and garden equipment at least past the warranty time.  That is a MUST for warranty service.  Without the receipt it can’t even be considered.

    Call us for:

  • Chain saw sprockets, bars and chain
  • Repair parts- need model no’s
  • Carb parts- need model no’s and maker of carb
  • New engines- need model no’s of old engine
  • Where to look for model no’s and what no’s you need for the part you need.
  • Bring in your mower for service or repairs now or for:
  • Warranty service-as soon as you notice a problem
  • Warranty on Briggs & Sratton, and Kohler Engines
  • Warranty on Husqvarna products including Poulan or Poulan Pro
  • MTD products- Yard man, Yard Machine, Bolens, Troybilt warranty & parts and services. Parts & service only on Cub Cadet.
  • Briggs products- Snapper, Murray
  • We have 41 years experience- we know the old engines  and are learning the new ones.  These old engines and equipment are going obsolete but we can still find some parts.  Again need model no’s.
  • Tecumseh engines
  • Murray Mowers- old style
  • Kohler K series- some Magnum Engines
  • Any 2 cycle over 7 yr old
  • Dixon mowers
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We are still the only the only Authorized Briggs & Stratton Service Center in Lincoln Co. and also the only Kohler service center for engines.(we do not do the big generators but we can tune up the engine on small portable units).  We have training every year to stay up on things and know the latest products and any potential problems to check for with Briggs, Kohler, and MTD. We  do LCT engines and can get some parts for older Tecumseh engines.  We do MTD and their Powermore engines.  Dealers are getting further apart anymore.  We use original equipment parts for best fit and service.

Schedule: With  Dr apts and the sale barn we have a a crazy schedule but this way you know when we are here.  Check out on our Calender page

Mon thru Thurs and on Fri provided it’s not before the 2nd or 4th (except Dec) Sat. 8:30 till 12:30 or when we leave for lunch- back at 2 or before till 5.  2nd & 4th Sat. we are gone to the sale barn.  The Fri. afternoon before the 2nd & 4th Sat we are gone.  The 1st, 3rd and if a 5th Sat we are here and also the Fri. afternoon before the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sat.we are here.  Best to call first. Check our calender page.

We are a Mom & Pop operation in a small rural town in central Oklahoma.  We pride ourselves in our knowledge of our products and the competition.  We offer information about our suppliers products but are not liable for misinformation, typographical errors, or the workability of a particular product.  Enjoy our pages and hopefully they will help you with your outdoor power choices.  We’ve been here over 41 years and have seen the good, bad & ugly and still say a quality produce is worth the money and usually cheaper in the long run provided you do the required maintainance.



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