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Buyer/seller beware

With the economy down and goat/sheep prices high there are scammers out there trying to take all of us.  Know who you are buying from that you are not receiving stolen livestock and beware that if you sell that you are not being taken by a bad check or check on a closed account or the purchaser stops payment on the check.  Also these guys that give you the speel that they are saving you money by not paying commissions.  They are going to buy them from you and taking them to a sale and making money.  There are people out there who make a practice of doing just these things.  They are out there trying to make it tough on those of us who work for our living and they are trying to take our hard earned money.

For this reason of these scammers who give bad checks we are requiring cash for new buyers until checking practices are confirmed.  We need to know your bank, your bank officer and their phone no to check for checking privilages.   If we get a bad check and it goes back once we charge for that service.  And if it clears on 2nd pass thru you can write one next sale but if this happens again and it fails to go thru first time again but clears on 2nd pass thru, 3 strikes and you are out.  If you write a check and it goes back twice and does not clear it is $45 fee and you bring cash if you want to buy. 

We received a check from a lady in Seward, Ks on 10/22/11 for $2093.00 for livestock bought that Sat. sale night and stopped payment on  Mon. (apparently a common practice for her according to P&S).   Charges were filed.  Restitution has been made.  Believe it or not she showed up Sat. night 11/10/12 at the registered sale and expected to write a check and buy again.  That didn’t happen!

We received a check from a man with a Purcell, Ok address for $900.00 on 1/28/12 - check  refused- account closed.  He has lived all over Ok and Tx.  Sheriff report was taken and sent to the DA to file charges.  This person has a long criminal history of this type of practice since 1999 according to the Lincoln Co. Sheriff Dept and he’s not in jail.  He’s out there scamming more people. Restitution has been made.

Don’t get caught in one of these scams. But beware that if you do try us we file a report immediately with the Lincoln Co. Sheriff and they proceed with getting a warrant from the DA.  We are not your banker and will not let this hang till you decide we might file charges.  We do it immediately. But we are now going to Cash or credit ot debit card for new buyers to protect ourselves.  Always know what the going prices are so if someone approaches you at the farm be sure you are getting a good price and that their money is good.  Goats and sheep are selling high right now because of demand and shortages of stock. Don’t let them steal them by giving you a bad check or selling for too little money.

Also ran into a man that was contacted by a buyer on the farm probably been 10 years now.  Told him he’d give him $50 for young bills right off the farm and he wouldn’t have to haul or pay commissions.  So he sold about 25 head of 50# goats to them cause that was what they had sold for last time he sold some at auction.  Came to a sale the next week and sold 2 they couldn’t catch and they sold for for $95 less commissions( ave 6.65 + yardage $.50+ insurance $.47 would bring him $87+ per goat).  He would have saved about $191 on commissions but lost $925 in price after commissions trying to save commissions by selling to this scammer.  Couple years ago had a guy tell me he had been selling all his off the farm to Mexicans that had done work for him and they would come every once in a while to get one.  He was selling 45# goats at that time for $50.  At our sale 45# goats were bringing over $2 a pound then ($90). Today Feb 2022 they are bringing about $4. a pound. ($180). Know your market, know the price and know these guys that tell you they are saving you commission & hauling  and doing you a good deal my be filling their pockets with your money.  


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