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Goat and Lamb Calender

Here are some places to look for holidays for use of goat and lamb.




http://www.pagosasun.com/extension-viewpoints-marketing-lambs-and-goats-by-the-2021-ethnic-holiday-calendar/  This tell size and sex of animals needed.

Ethnic Holiday Calendar  Below is some info I found.  Google goat meat, ethnic holidays and see what you find to hit best market times.





Chinese New Year

Jan 22

Feb 10

Jan 29

Mawlid al-Nabi / Prophets Birthday

Sept 26-27

Sept 15-16

Sept 4-5

Western Roman Easter

Apr 9

Mar 31

Apr 20

Eastern Orthodox Easter / Pasha

Apr 16

May 5

Apr 20

Passover / Pesah

Apr 5-12

Apr 22-30

Apr 12-20

Cinco de Mayo

May 5

Start of Ramadan / Month of Fasting

Mar 22-Apr 20

Mar 10-Apr 8

Feb 28-Mar 30

Eid-al-Fitr / Festival of Fast Breaking

Apr 21-22

Apr 9-10

Mar 30-31

Rosh Hashanah

Sept 15-27

Oct 2-4

Sept 22-24

Eid-al-Adha / Festival of Sacrifice

June 28-29


June 6-7

Muharram / Islamic New Year

July 19

July 7


Chanukkah or Hanukkah

Dec 7-15

Dec 25-Jan 2

Dec 14-22




Dec 25

Here are some pages I got off the internet about sizes and dates for special occasions using goat meat and lamb.  For your information. 

Muslim holidays want blemish free - no castrated, no broken horns yearling preferred for Festival of Sacrifice.  some older accepted.

Islamic New Year -preferably Mutton - no special wt.

Ramadan- weaned but have all milk teeth.  Lambs 60-80  Goats 60 preferred 40 - 120 acceptable.

End of Ramadan 60-80# lambs  60# goats

Birth of Prophet- no size recommendation

Passover- Milk fed Lambs 30-55#

Rosh Hashanah front quarter lambs weighing 60-100#

Chanukkah - Kosher slaughter young milk fed lambs and kids

Western roman Easter - Lambs milk fed 30-45# goats 20-40 milk fed

Orthodox Easter Lambs 40-55# Goats 25-50# milk fed

Thanksgiving & Christmas depends on ethnic group

Hispanic market prefers 20-35# milk fed kids for cabrito and larger for Seco De Chivo or Cinco De Mayo cabrito and larger goats.

Caribbean Holidays in month of August prefer larger goats

4th of July cabrito kids with 1 or no adult teeth

Chinese market 60-80 live wt and good health goats

Sometimes I think we wait to get more weight and we would do better selling them younger IF we hit these special holidays.


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