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Next sales- Mar 25- April 8, 22 2023.  Consignment sale at 3:00.  New time change starting March 11 will be 3 PM Goats and Sheep starts at 5 PM

Open Fri 3-6pm for early checkin.  Sat start at 8:30am.

Early check in on Wed, Thurs or Fri morning by appointment only.  call us.

Consignments need to be checked in before sale starts- preferably 30 min. before.   Sale Mar 11 and forward starts at 3PM. We advertise our stock and items on facebook after it arrives up until about 2 PM on Sat.  After that we are too busy and people that live a long distance can’t get there in time to buy.  We take consignments till 2:45 only. For the livestock sale we will take it in if we are still selling and have time to get it to the ring.

If it’s nice breeding stock and you are late it will probably only go for market price so get that stock checked in early so people can look at it before the sale starts. People who are looking for something special come early and look the stock over.  Once the sale starts they will not leave the ring till they get what they want and if they have picked out something and you arrive late they have  their mind made up and will not leave the ring to see what else came in.

If you are planning on bringing stock let us know so we can advertise it on the web page as coming and maybe we can get some extra buyers for your livestock ...but we post everything on the web page by noon Fri. so get that info to us by then.  Help yourself by letting us advertise what you are bringing. Pictures are posted on Facebook after livestock is received Fri. night or Sat. morning.



Next sales-   Mar 25 April 8, 22

Sat Mar 11 we had all kinds of electronic issues.  But found out Sunday there were major sun flares on Sat.  had trouble getting on credit card processor but everything got resolved but about 1/2 way thru the sale we could not get credit card processor to work.  We tried and tried and finally the chrome book it was on went blank - thought it died.  After the sale I got the chrome book to come back up but still couldn’t get on the program to run my report.  Solar flares are increasing. These Sat were  X which is the largest size rating.  Be prepared where ever you go to possible not be able to use electronic devices.  We had microphone issues, computer issues, credit card processing issues Sat. Solar flares affect all electronics.

Was in City Wed to Dr.  Decided to go watch a little bit of the sheep and goat show.  Wow! Wow!  I would not want to be a judge.  What we saw was all perfect.  How do they choose 1 to be the top?

 The credit card machine crashed last sale-  Check before the Mar 25 to be sure we have it or another one working.  We do have the credit card processor set up- not working yet.  All sales are final and no recourse just as it is at the sale if you pay cash or check. You see the animal, you bid on the animal, and once you get the high bid it is yours. An auction bid is the only verbal contract to stand up in court. We will accept credit cards or debit cards.  There is a fee of 4% added on to your invoice by the processing co.  If you do not want to pay this fee bring cash or approved check.  You can use your card at the consignment sale, livestock sale, or in the concession stand.


Wayne 405   615  7065- Do not text! Call only.

Josh - Stock manager - 405 258   6448 

Phone service is not the best. Call back if no answer or if we do not return your missed call shortly.  We have had voice messages show up a day later.  Also the phone likes to mark unknown calls as scams so leave us a message and we well call you back.

The USPS seems a little better lately but still taking a week or up to 2 for some people to get their checks. So if you leave animals or consignments and need your check please pick it up. We are not responsible for mail not being delivered in a timely manner. Once we drop it off at the post office we have no control over what happens.  If lost we charge $27 to reissue a check. Just be aware of this if you want your check mailed .

We get extra Goat and Sheep magazine and Ranch and Rural Living magazines and you are welcome to pick up either one or both. They have some really good articles.  They are in the rack by the door.


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