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We operate an auction.  An auction brings together a seller and buyers and has an auctioneer that get the highest bid from a buyer and the item is sold to them.  The seller pays a fee for this service. An auction is the only place where a verbal contract is binding so if you get the bid it is your and yours to pay for.  Look them over carefully.

It amazes me sometimes how many people have never been to an auction and even so every auction does not do things the same way.   This announcement I make before almost every sale: We sell goats and hair sheep by the head, wool sheep are sold by the pound(CWT). Multiples in the ring sell for times the money- example 4 billy kids in the ring at the same time bring $100 it is $100 x 4. Families sell for one money for example if a doe and 2 kids sells for $250 it is $250 for the entire family.  We try to call out any defects but we do not always see them.  The auctioneer sees mostly the back of the animal so you look them over closely because when you get the bid it is yours today and still yours tomorrow. If you need something penned off please tell the clerk or penner and we will pen it separately.  Also if you want to buy one animal out of several in the ring ask the auctioneer to sell choice or split them.  If you bring something and want to make a comment stand, get the auctioneers attention but please be brief so we can get the animals sold for you. If you don’t want to take what is bid- tell the auctioneer and clerk to PO(pass out) the animal at that time.  That way the animal’s pen no is changed and it is put in your pen not the bidders pen right then.


First thing to do before the sale if you are a buyer is to check in at the office and get your bid number. If you do not have one and are new  we need to see your drivers license.

If you are a seller checking in animals go to the unload area or get in line to be unloaded.  We will get your information there.  And if you stay and wish to buy be sure and get a bidder card at the office.

 Consignment sale: The miscellaneous sale starts at 3:00 but your items must be checked in by 2:30PM. We sell miscellaneous items such as household items, farm items, tools, poultry, rabbits, hay, equipment, etc.   We have changed and sell poultry- chickens, turkeys, quail, ducks, etc. rabbits  first, then do the miscellaneous stuff,  garden produce, hatching eggs, then hay and large equipment if we have any. Once you have gotten the high bid you must secure your items but do not leave the premises until they are paid for.  If you are the seller and don’t like the price your item brings you can pass out(PO) the animal or item but do it right then.  Inform the auctioneer or clerk to PO the item so that the potential buyer does not secure the item and you need to secure your items you have po’d.  There is a charge for selling your items. If you have sold items or PO’d an item you must check in at the office and pay your charges or collect your check.  Once the sale is over and all items are clerked in please settle up.  You must have a load out sheet to retreive your poultry or rabbits.  The consignment sale and livestock sale are settled differently due to regulations from P&S.  If you see something that was not picked up please DO NOT TAKE IT.  We have had our employees take time to bid on something they are interested in only to find it gone after the sale.  We have video and audio and can see who takes the item so please do not take anything you have not paid for.

Livestock sale: Check in animals Sat starting at 8:30AM all day till sale time- no appointment or scheduling necessary. Call 405  615   7065 to schedule an appointment if you can’t get you animals there on Sat and need to bring them Thurs. or Fri. and we’ll meet you there to unload.  We are usually there from 3-6 on Fri afternoons - no apt needed sale weekend but always call first on Fri. or check upcoming events page or facebook to see if any change.  We recently had a funeral to attend and opened about 30 min late that fri.   The livestock sale starts at 5 promptly unless we have a short crew and someone arrives right at 5 to unload then we may start from 5-15 min late.  But if you arrive late you are subject to when we can get you unloaded if the sale has already started.

All goats, sheep, or llamas are tagged and sent to their own pen with water.

1st checked in is 1st thru ring.

 It is to your advantage if selling to get there early so pictures of what you are selling can be posted on Facebook.  Also we sell in order received so if you come in first you are first and if you come in last you are last.  If someone is looking for what you have they may be 2-3 hr away and to get you another buyer for your stock you need to be there by noon so we can get pictures posted.  I realize it is sometimes difficult because of the distance you live away from us or you work schedule but we will unload after the sale starts if you have to arrive late but that is subject to what help we have for the day.  It may take a while to get you unloaded if I have no one to pull off the line to help you. . But realize the buyers are not likely to leave the auction ring to come look at what you brought after the sale starts.  They base their order on what is there before the sale starts.

All animals are weighed and weights, no. head, ave weight, and tag no  are put on the incoming TV screen for you to see even though all goats and hair sheep are sold by the head.  Wool sheep by CWT. unless announced by auctioneer.  Families are sold for one price for doe and kid or kids or ewe and lambs.  Multiples sell for times the money for example-  4 billy kids for $100 is $100x4.  We have added an extra screen to tell you how many animals are still left to sell.   The info screen shows no’s as they are checked in and when they begin selling update with sold no’s and no left to sell and updates any new check-in’s received after the sale starts.  The sold screen tells the last animal sold, price and buyers no.  If you thought you bought the last animal sold and your bid no does not come up on the screen stop the auction and question the auctioneer.  Someone else may have got the bid or he may have said the wrong no.  Get it settled right then.   If you are selling and do not like the price please PO it right then in the ring.  Tell the ring clerk or auctioneer to PO it and it will be charged back to you and put in your pen.

When sold the animals are penned in your pen.  And if you need to request something penned in a separate pen we can do that for you too.  Tell the clerk or penner/ring person to pen it separate.  At any time you can get a working copy of what all you have bought.

Registered goats are sold as received and we read the papers in the ring.  Papers are also available to look at in the office before the sale.  We do check tattoos when they arrive to be sure they match and will advise you if they are hard to read or missing.  The papers are compared to the tattoos when checked in and labeled according to the goats tag no on the papers.  If no papers are provided at check in they must be scrapie tagged.  If papers don’t match animal or animal doesn’t have tatoos they will be sold as grade with no papers .

All goats & sheep must be scrapie tagged unless registered with accompanying papers..  If not we apply the tags there is a $2.00 charge.  You can order tags from the Dept. of Ag and tag them yourself and save the fees and get to keep all the paperwork.  A registered animal does not have to be scrapie tagged PROVIDED papers accompany it and the tattoos are readable.  If you don’t bring the papers when checked in or if we can’t read the tattoos we must put a scrapie tag in their ear.

When you settle out you are given a print out showing the tag no's you bought or sold, the price, the ave. price per head and ave. CWT for your records. Usually you can load out soon as you get what you want provided we are not short of help that day.  Load out is on the south side of the barn.  We ask that you get in line and our help will load you out as quickly as possible. You double check tags & no’s and sign off on your load out.  We do not allow you to walk in and drag your animals out.  We need to be sure you get the correct animals and out of the correct pens.  This protects us, you and our help so that we don’t get the wrong animals taken, or cause a congestion by messing up 2 batches of animals and have to stop and sort out again to be sure the correct animals are loaded on to the correct buyer.  If you sell, as soon as your animals are sold you can pick up your check at the office.  If you can’t be there your check is mailed on Monday or next business day post office is open. Be aware mail is slow and subject to being torn up in postal equipment.  If you wish special handling tell us and that will be included in your fees.  If you request mail and it’s lost in mail you will be charged for us to stop payment on the check.  We are not responsible if it’s lost by the postal service. 

Commissions are % based on the price of animal not a flat rate.  Flat rates are easier for people who don't use computers but a computer generated invoice gives you so much more information for you to use. We also do better if you do better so we try to promote your animals as best we can.  We charge a small fee for yardage ($.50) and insurance is charged according to the insurance fee as per requirements by Packers & Stockers of the USDA (referred to as P&S).  We can also print you a report of what you bought or sold during the year if needed.  Our auctioneer tries to get you the best price for your goats.  We have been 7% or min. of $3.50 + $0.50 yardage + what ever the insurance co charges ever since we started. A PO fee on a grade animal is $5.  A registered goat is 9% plus the other fees with a min. of $5.  A PO fee on a registered animals is $15.00.  If we have to put on scrapie tags we charge $2.00 for that service.  In the livestock sale we can print your check or take your payment as soon as you animals sell or if you have purchased what you want.  We usually have enough help to load you right then if you want to get your animals and leave.  If you PO an animal you must check in at the office and pay the PO fees to get a load out for your animal.  Nothing is loaded out without a load out report.

Our miscellaneous sale is various commissions.  Misc household goods, tools, poultry, rabbits, are 20% with anything bringing less than $2 is 30%.  Farm garden produce or hay is 10%. Check our schedule in the lobby on the bulletin board.  Our auctioneer works just as hard selling a $1 item as a $15 item in the consignment sale.  We are still  working out the bugs out of the system ( It has not wanted to cooperate) so we can clerk the outside sale on the computer so we can instantly print an invoice on what you bought like we do in the livestock sale.  You can settle out as soon as you are ready to leave or all your stuff has sold provided we have received the clerking sheet and got them entered in he computer.  Sometimes we have a little wait time before we can check you out.  You will have to pay first then get a load out sheet to retrieve what you have bought. on miscellaneous items please retrieve them so no one picks them up but do not leave premises without paying for them.  PLEASE do not pick up something still laying there you did not buy or pay for- that is theft. Some people are busy bidding and do not retrieve what they got the bid on and find when they come back someone has taken it.  We have cameras and can usually find who has taken it. 

If you have a price you want for your animal and it does not bring that please PO (pass out) the animal in the ring at that time.  That way it goes into your pen and not someone else's.  If you don’t PO right then and decide later it is already  considered sold by that time.  Please do not ask us to PO it for you in the office.  If you think it will not bring what you want you must stay and see it sell yourself and PO in the ring. Our crew doesn’t have time to watch for your animal and just before it comes into the ring they may be called to attend to something else so please take care of this yourself.

 We have a comfortable, handicap accessible seating and barn AC, and a nice lobby and friendly people to help you.

We do not tolerate bad checks so please if you are new buyer call us and give us your banking info(name & address of bank & bank officer) so we can approve you writing a check otherwise please bring cash.  We now have a method to take debit or credit cards.  We charge you for you invoice for example you bought a goat for $100. We charge that to your card and the processing co charges you 4% and bills you for $104.  It is available if you want to use it but be aware that you will be billed the fee of 4%.  All sales are final and no recourse just as it is at the sale when you pay.  You see the animal, you bid on the animal, and once you get the high bid it is yours. An auction bid is the only verbal contract to stand up in court. If you have any questions about your invoice or check we’ll be glad to explain it to you.

Also we are requested by our insurance Co to use Central filing and enter the bank name on your check if you have a lien. If you do not tell us and we find out on Mon that there is a lien we will stop payment and reissue and subtract the fees for stop payment from your check.  Therefore we must know your lien holder’s information.  That must be provided at check in.

We realize people do not like to leave a sale so we will take an intermission about 1/2 way thru the sale IF we have a large amount of livestock (over 250 hd).  That gives our auctioneer, clerks and help a chance for a potty break as well as our customers.  It also gives the crew outside a chance to move the livestock up to the pens just emptied so it will flow as fast during the last part of the sale.  You can get up, stretch your legs, check out what is left to be sold also grab a pop or candy bar at the concession and not miss anything going thru the ring. If it’s a small sale we go right on thru.

We post a market report on this web site Mon. or Tues. following the sale.  All goats, hair sheep, or wool sheep are in the report not just the best ones as some markets report except one report  does not report dogs or llamas.   Also we will publish a summary on Facebook.  It does report everything including the dogs or llamas sold. Our Facebook page is Countryside Auction--listed as agriculture and Chandler, Ok.

We gladly let you make comments about what you are selling if you want to but ask that you make it brief so we can get them sold for you.  Our auctioneer works very hard at getting you the best price.  But look the animal over.  We try to call any defects but the auctioneer usually only sees the back of the animal.  When he says sold it is yours regardless of any defects.

We are licensed by Packers & Stockers, USDA and licensed by Ok Dept of AG and we are bonded.  But there are scammers out there trying to buy cheap and then give you a bad check.  Protect yourself.  See our buyer-seller  beware page.  We also do file a report with the Lincoln Co sheriff if we get a bad check and file charges against these people immediately.  New people must pay with cash until we can check out your check writing with your bank.

We do have employees who buy or sell at the sale.  Your check will show you if anything was bought by an employee.  This is in compliance with P&S USDA.  We have about 6 people who have interest in animals who work in the back and they will sometimes bid on something they want.  A comment was made the other day they were running up prices.  Trust me they don’t have time to run up prices.  Some times they tell me they wanted to bid on something but didn’t get the chance.  I realize if you are trying to buy you want less bidders but if I restricted them to bid then when you sell you have a possibility of 6 less bidders interested in your product.  Is that fair. No it’s not fair to restrict them from adding to their herds nor is it fair to the seller to restrict the no of buyers interested in their animals.

If this doesn’t answer all you question please call us.  We’d be happy to answer anything we can but we cannot predict future prices.  405  615 7065

The majority of the animals have come directly off the farm.  We do not go around and buy animals to sell to boost our no’s.  Nor do we start with ours and try to set them in high and buy them back to boost prices as some barns do. Occasionally we have a trader that will bring in something but we have no control over what is brought in but the majority of our animals are right off the farm.  Our auctioneer sets them in based on what they did last sale and what the market reports he has seen calls for.  It will go to the highest bidder.



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